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Welcome at Khamkirri...........a great experience!!!!wifi




Khamkirri translated to English is: leopard place synonym to excitement and great experiences! Exiting, a Villa?  

Yes, as what do we see emerging from the bush???? Is that a giraffe? Kudu or .......? Especially at night when you

are relaxing at the veranda with a nice drink in your hands listening to the sounds of the bush, what a great

experience! Or sitting in the splash pool cooling down with a view at the African bush!


Besides the wild animals, which are the regular visitors of the garden, the villa has a nice view at the river of

Kruger National Park, were lions regularly drink and where there is always excitement. Kruger National Park is

quite close by, so you can hear all the sounds from the veranda of the villa. It is quite easy to visit Kruger National

Park as the park is nearly around the corner. (approx. a 20 min. drive from the villa).


The villa is a real African bush house with a thatched roof, which gives you the real African atmosphere. Also the

interior is adjusted including the bath rooms and bedrooms. You can even have a real bush shower, at one of the

two outside rain showers, were you can experience a real nature shower feeling!


Cooking? Easy !!! The villa has a large fully equipped kitchen where you can try to cook the African dishes or if

you would like to be outside you can use the kitchen at the barbeque site also equipped to your wishes. Breakfast

you can have at the veranda or at the breakfast place besides the veranda may be accompanied by a warthog!


No cooking? Also no problem, Marloth Park has a variety of delicious restaurants were you can choose from. A

large family or a group of friends? Khamkirri is equipped with 8 sleeping places of which 4 in a separate building

so in case requested everybody can create its own privacy.


Still eager to have this experience? Visit Khamkirri! You are more than welcome and we will see to it that you have all the luxury you want so you can enjoy an exciting and lovely relaxed holiday. Khamkirri has it's own network, so Wifi (internet) is FREE 24/7 available! Also 2 complete golfsets are available for you to use.



John and Monique