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Marloth park



mapMarloth Park has its own private game park where you can have a safari with a

standard car. The roads, however,  are not to be compared with the roads at the

Kruger national Park, so please be curious! The people of Marloth are busy to

improve the roads. Marloth private game park has 4 of the big five, only the

elephant is not represented. You can encounter  beside the small game (such as

impala), also lion, leopard, buffalo,  rhino and cheetah.


Tickets for the park can be bought at the Henk van Rooyen Park (small entrance

fee). The entrance of the park is situated at Wildgoose Street.




     Sept 1th - Mar 31st

     05:00 - 19:00


     Apr 1th - Aug 31st

     07:00 - 17:30





Safari in Marloth Park


marlothAt Marloth itself you can also have an easy and relaxed safari. Plan your safari

in the early morning hours or late in the afternoon. It is possible to drive with

your car along the site of the fence of Kruger National Park (along Crocodile

River). Halfway there is an area where you can park your car and where you

can sit, drink and eat something and enjoy the river and the wild animals (at

this site you have a free view over the fence). Roads you can take for this drive

are: Seekoei/Kingfisher/Moddervis and Crocodile. This Safari can also be done

by bicycle or mountain bike. Bikes can be rented at the Bush Center at Marloth. Of

course you can also have a nice walk.




Quad rent


quadJust outside the entrance of Marloth Park (West-gate) you can rent a quad. Sorry we

have not yet any experience with this activity, so cannot yet inform you about the

costs etc. In case we have more information, this activity will be adjusted.







Marloth Park Mini Golf


mini golfEven if you can drive a golf ball 300 yards, it doesn't matter. Getting it through

the windmill makes you a champion here! That's the beauty of miniature golf-it's

a sport the entire family can play. It's where the greens aren't always green, and

the holes offer more twists, turns and colourful distractions than your average

PGA Tour stop. The miniature golf is situated at the Bush Centre in Marloth Park.


Price: R 15,- for 1 round (9 holes) R 25,- for 2 rounds (18 holes)