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The Scenery

Kwa Madwala


logoKwa Madwala private game reserve is situated approx. 25 km from the house. At this beautiful

reserve you can do a lot of activities! Direction to this park is quite easy: you leave Marloth

Park in the direction of the N-4. On the N-4 make a right turn to Malelane. After approx. 10 km.

you will arrive at a town called Hectorspruit. After approx. 1 km.  after leaving this town you

turn left in the direction of Jeppes Reef/Inkuba game farm. After approx. 4,5 km. turn left.

Please follow the signs Kwa Madwala. After approx. 4 km. you will see the entrance of Kwa

Madwala Private game reserve at the left side. Follow this gravel road till the entrance of the

reserve. (This road takes approx. 4 km.)




Activities at Kwa Madwala Private game reserve:



Horse back safari


paardIf you like horses, it is possible to have a horse back safari. This safari can be

executed by starters or experienced jockeys. During this safari you will have

stunning views. You could have a close encounter with a zebra/giraffe

/antelope/waterbuck/wildebeest and elephants and in case you are lucky may

be a rhino! Below mentioned rates are from August 2017:


  • Half hour family rides: R330,- per person.

  • 1 hr:  R400,- per person.

  • 2hrs: R600,- per person.

  • Half Day inc breakfast: R 900,- per person


Clothing: please wear a long trouser and firm shoes. Only applicable for children above the age of 6.



Elephant back safari 


olifantEver wanted to have a close encounter with an elephant? This is your change!!

It is possible to have a safari on the back of an elephant. The reserve has two

domestic elephants. The rangers start with a briefing and tell you all you need

to know about the elephants. The great thing of this safari is that you are

interactive with the elephants. At the end of the safari you have the opportunity

to feed the elephants with their favorite food. For the fee of ZAR 20,00 you buy

a bucket with food. Below please find the prices per person. (August 2017)


  • 1 hour back safari R 850,-

  • 2 hour back safari R 1450,-

  • 30 min interactie R 500,-

  • 1 hour interaction R 700,-



Bush-walk in game reserve


bushTo be closer to nature as you ever have been? A bush walk safari is the

answer! Walk together with an experience ranger though the rough territory

and discover all beautiful things of nature. The ranger will tell you everything

about the small animals and the tracks/footprints of animals. Of course you

also will have an encounter with the large African wild. For sure it will be an

exciting walk! Below please find the prices per person (August 2017)


  • 3 hour walk – R500,- per person

  • 2 hour walk – R400,- per person

  • 1 hour walk – R300,- per person





microYou would like to see the wild from the sky? A safari by plane is the answer!

You will fly with a micro light airplane over e.g. the crocodile river of a small

part of Kruger National park. A totally different way to see the wild animals. Of

course you can only do this if you have no fear of flying to enjoy this ride and

to experience the wild from the sky. Below please find the prices per person

(August 2017)


  • 1 hour flight – R1900,- per person

  • 30 min flight – R1210,- per person

  • 15 min flight – R770,-   per person