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General information

General information:


After we have received your reservation we will send you a detailed description of the directions to Marloth Park

from the airport OR Tambo International at Johannesburg or from the airport from Kruger Mpumalanga

International at Nelspruit.  


Marloth Park is situated at the south border of Kruger National Park between the village Malelane and

Komatipoort. The village Komatipoort is situated at the border of Mozambique.


The distance from the airport Johannesburg is approx. 430 km., travel time with a car approx. 4,5 hours. The

roads are tarred, the first 200 km. is highway (N-12 and N-4) the last km is motorway (2 lanes – N-4). The first part

of the route is flat,  the second 200 km. nature is more beautiful and it the route will lead you through a hilly area.

Along the highway and motorway you will find gas stations and nice parking/rest places, were you can refuel/eat

or drink something. 


Travel time from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is approx. 75 min., distance approx. 100 km.


At your arrival at the villa, our housekeepers Don and Trish, will welcome you and will show you the villa and

hand over the keys. In the description send to you, you  will receive all the information regarding our









klmA lot of airlines are flying to Johannesburg. We advise you to take a flight during night time. You will


arrive at Johannesburg around 10 o’clock a.m., which leaves you plenty of time before nightfall to


drive to Marloth Park. We do not recommend driving after night fall as the high- and motorways often


also are used by people walking and game crossing (impala’s and baboons).



airFlight time to Johannesburg takes approx. 10 to 11 hours. Price of a ticket euro


580,00 up to euro 750,00. We fly usually with KLM/Air France with a stopover in Paris


and we usually can book our ticket to a price of euro 580,00 a person.



We also recommend Swiss Air/Lufthansa and South African Airways.



Instead of driving you can also fly from Johannesburg to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport situated


close to Nelspruit. Flight time approx. 1 hour, flight ticket euro 130,00 up to euro 350,00. We recommend you to


drive to Marloth Park from Johannesburg, as the stop over time at Johannesburg to Kruger Mpumalanga Int.


Airport can be approx. 4 hours, which means that the quickest way to reach Marloth Park would be by car instead


of by plane.


No visa is required for Dutch or South Africa residents. If you are a Dutch resident you will receive a tourist visa

(stamp in your passport) at arrival at South Africa, which is valid for 3 months.



Car rental:


All leading car rental companies are represented at OR Tambo International Airport Johannesburg and at Kruger

Mpumalanga International Airport. We advise you to rent your car before you are travelling to South Africa, as

prices will be lower.


We have over more than 10 years experience with Sunny Cars. Sunny Cars is doing business

with all respected car rental companies worldwide. Price is all inclusive; no extras have to be

paid at the car rental company at the airport (no extra tax or excess redemption).


For all destinations and all cars, Sunny Cars maintains only a one clear all-in formula. Therefore you should not

be afraid that surtax or certain insurance is not included. Everthing is arranged with Sunny Cars all below

mentioned items are included:


  • Unlimited mileage
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with refund of excess by Sunny Cars in case of Claim
  • Damage to glass, roof, tyres, underbody covered with refund of excess by Sunny Cars in case of Claim
  • Theft protection with refund of excess by Sunny Cars in case of Claim
  • Increased liability cover of 7,5 million euros in case standard country cover is not sufficient to cover liability Claim
  • Airport fees
  • All local taxes


In case you have damage you have to pay the costs, but these costs will be paid later by Sunny Cars (if you apply

to the Sunny Car rental terms and conditions). Please check the website of Sunny Cars for complete information.


Rebate on Renting at Sunny Cars!


sunIn case you would like to rent a car at Sunny Cars, please click on the logo of Sunny Cars on

the right sight. By using this link you will receive 5% rebate on your total rent price. We will

see to it that you will get this refund at your account after the total rent period. If you rent

your car from Johannesburg, please select by Sunny Cars the International airport!


You are also allowed to use this link for only renting a car, also outside South Africa!


In case you would like to travel with your car to Swaziland you will need a special document called:

“cross border”.  This document will be provided by the car rental company. For Swaziland there is no charge.

You have to have this cross border otherwise you will be charged fees by entering Swaziland.


In case you have a flexible navigation system (e.g. Tom Tom),  you can buy road maps of South Africa. These

maps can be used even at the Kruger National Park.





Marloth Park and Kruger National Park are situated in Malaria territory. We advise you to take Malaria tablets if

your stay is at Marloth during the South African summer (November to April). Please contact your general

practitioner or medical health care centre.


Other vaccinations advised for this area are: Hepatitis A and DTP.  Please check your medical health care centre

before your trip to South Africa.



Shops at Marloth Park:


sparOur villa is a self catering villa. You will have to take care of your groceries

(food and beverages). Toilet paper and soap are at your disposal at your

arrival at the villa.


Marloth Park has its own shopping centre; at the Bush centre you will find a small supermarket and beverage

store. At this centre you will also find an ATM which accepts allstandard credit cards.


Malelane and Komatipoort do have a shopping centre, with a large supermarket (Spar). Here you can buy all your



You are able to pay with your credit card nearly every were, of course we advise you to have some cash with you

for small payments.





Please find below some websites which can help you to plan your trip to South Africa.




Car rental






Sunny Cars


Air France






Swiss Air



South African Airways





Kruger National Park: