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Terms and conditions Holiday Villa Khamkirri 


Reservation and payment:

Your reservations will be confirmed by email (terms and conditions apply). The first email will be the confirmation of availability. The tenant accepts at this stage the terms and conditions which apply. At reservation 50% will be charged from the total rent price. This amount has to be paid within 7 working days after receipt of confirmation of reservation.

After receipt of this payment you will receive an email with the confirmation of booking. The owner of the house has the right to cancel the reservation in case no payment has been received. The rental agreement is final after receipt of the 50% charge. The second 50% of the rent has to be paid latest 4 weeks before arrival at the villa at Marloth Park. After receipt of this amount you will receive the final confirmation together with the complete directions to Marloth Park.

In case the total amount of rent is less than euro 300,00 or the rent period will start within less than 4 weeks after reservation, the complete rate including the deposit will be charged at once.



Unfortunately also we are obliged to charge you cancellation costs in case you are cancelling (regardless the reason) your stay at our villa Khamkirri. 

  • Cancellation up to 4 weeks before arrival              25% of the final rent price
  • Cancellation up to 2 weeks before arrival              50% of the final rent price
  • Cancellation up to 1 week before arrival                75% of the final rent price
  • Cancellation within one week before arrival          100% of the final rent price

Cancellations have to be done in written, by email. We advise you to take an insurance.



The deposit of euro 125,00 is charged at the final booking and will be send back to your account within 7 days after your stay at the villa. In case of damage to the villa or its contents this deposit will be used. In case keys are lost, a rate of euro 25,00 will be charged. In case of loss of the remote control of the security system, a rate of euro 50,00 will be charged. In case of burglary you are obliged to inform our housekeepers at site. If damages to the villa or its contents are exceeding the deposit, tenant is obliged to pay the extra costs of the damage.


Subletting or transfer:

The tenant is not allowed to transfer his rights or subletting the villa to a third party.



The tenant is not allowed, without the approval of the owner, to let more persons, than confirmed at the booking form, stay at the villa. The villa has a maximum capacity of 8 persons. At request another two extra persons could stay at the villa, two single beds could be adjusted. (e.g. for children) We ask you to treat the villa and its contents with respect.

The tenant and its visitors are obliged to take care of the villa during their stay with cautious, the tenant is responsible for the damage to the villa, its contents and the garden caused by the tenant or the persons who are staying in the house during the duration of the rent period, also for damage which is ascertained after his departure.

At arrival you are obliged to check the inventory on defects and presence. Defects of any kind should be reported within 12 hours after arrival at our housekeepers at site. Our housekeepers will note the defects so the tenant will not be charged at departure.  In case during the rent period damage or defects occur, tenant is obliged to report this immediately to the housekeepers at site. The tenant is during the rent period obliged to keep the villa and surroundings clean and neat.



The Owner has, regardless the circumstances, no liability and responsibility for damage to persons or goods. The tenant is obliged to have a liability insurance for goods and persons.

The owner has no liability in following cases:

Any disturbance, change or impediments during the tenants stay as a result of unforeseeable and insurmountable events.

Discomforts due to work executed by third parties, such as municipality/county and state.

Discomfort due to building activities executed in the neighborhood of the villa.

Injury of tenant or its visitors as a result of their stay at the villa.

Loss/theft or damage to personal belongings or vehicles owned or rented by tenant.

Interruption or lack of water and electricity.

Term and conditions apply according the Dutch law. We advise you to have a liability and travel insurance. In case of theft caused by negligence the extra costs will be charged to the tenant.


Final cleaning:

The final cleaning is not included in the rate prices. This amount of R 440,00 (approx. euro 30,00) has to be paid when you are leaving the villa to our housekeepers. This has a special reason: our housekeepers are working with a staff from Swaziland, these hard working ladies travel every time from and to Swaziland to their family. As they have not the proper banking possibilities our housekeepers pay these ladies in cash, for the ladies this is a great benefit.

The tenant is obliged at departure to leave the house ‘swipe clean’

It is possible to have an extra cleaning during your stay at the villa, please contact our housekeepers at your arrival.

At departure we request you to leave the refrigerator on, to leave the house neat and ‘swipe clean’, to empty the waste bins, to clean the kitchen sink and to empty the counter and put the clean dish in the cupboards.



Linen and (bath)towels are available and included in the rent price. In case you would like to have extra linen and towels, please contact our housekeepers at site at your arrival.



To prevent that nasty insects/animals visit the house, please put your garbage in closed garbage bags and deposit these bags at the garbage depot at Elephant drive. (Olifant Drive).

Please do not put your garbage outside!!!! Glass and plastic have to be separated from the other garbage and have to be handed over separately.



The villa is situated in a protective nature reserve were pets are not allowed. It is not allowed to have loud noise around the villa, this disturbs the wildlife and annoys the neighbours.

Smoking is not permitted inside the house. It is not permitted to gather wood from nature for barbeque or campfire. You can easily retain this wood at the supermarket at Marloth Park.



Please park your car at the designated areas in front of the house, under the carport or in front of the garage.



Together with the house keys you will find a remote control. With this remote control the alarm of the house can be activated in case you are leaving the house and/or cottage. This remote control has a so called ´panic´ button. This is the red button. In case you by mistake press this button, please call as soon as possible the control room from Field Security.

A penalty of R 200,00 has to be paid in case this ‘panic’ button is activated in no emergency or playing with.  This payment has to done immediately at the security officer of Field Security.

In case you are leaving the house and/or the cottage, please make sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked. In that case you can activate the alarm with the remote control. How to use the alarm system will be told at arrival by our housekeepers.

In case you would like to re-enter the house and/or the cottage please make sure that you deactivate the alarm first when you are outside the house.


Always activate the alarm by leaving the house. The lessor dictated this activity as obligatory. Also even if you just would like to buy some groceries!


Besides the alarm it is very important to close and lock all windows and doors before leaving the house and/or the cottage. Baboons are the best burglars of the park! If Baboons enter the house and/or the cottage, the house/cottage will be a mess and ruined, this will happen within a few seconds.

Please leave no food unattended and please do not put food in front of the windows! Baboons have very good eyes and if they see food they will try their utmost to get into the house.

All damage due to not activating the alarm or all damage due to not closing windows and doors properly by leaving the villa and/or the cottage will be charged  and invoiced to the tenant.


Information map:

In the villa and in the cottage you can find a complete information map. This map includes beside all the information given on the website, also the most important phone numbers.