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Marloth Park

gate 2Marloth Park is situated at the south border of the world famous Kruger National Park

between the two towns Malelane and Komatipoort. The park covers over 1500 hectares 

and is divided into approx. 4500 pieces of land on which houses are build or can be

build. These premises are divided by parkland, these are the so called ‘game corridors’.


The park is fenced and has two gates. The infrastructure is quite well; it has one tarred

road which is the main road (Olifant drive). This road connects the west gate with the

east gate. All other roads are dirty roads and can be quite bumpy, so you cannot drive

fast in Marloth Park.


marloth parkThe biggest attraction of Marloth Park is that wild animals are walking around free in the

park! These wild animals have always priority! They walk around the houses what is on

of the unique features of Marloth. You can have a Zebra/Giraffe/Kudu  or Baboon and

other wild animals at your doorstep or at your veranda when you are drinking a nice sun



Marloth has also predators at the park such as Cheetahs and Leopard, so  please do not

walk around the park after sunset! Of course at the house the barbeque area and the

veranda are safe, so enjoy! From the house you have a view at Crocodile River. This

river is the natural boundary between Kruger National Park and Marloth Park.  Approx. 150

meter from the house in the direction of Kruger you reach the fence of Kruger National

Park (electrical fence). This fence is there to  keep the wild animals of Kruger stay in Kruger. If you would like to have a lazy

safari please take a seat at the river and you will view all the animals of Kruger including the big five as all the animals will

come for a drink at the Crocodile River.


zwembadMarloth has a variety of facilities. The Henk van Rooyen Park is one of them  and has a

big swimming pool with sanitary facilities and dressing rooms. Also a tennis court and

volley ball area are available (you do have to bring your own rackets etc.) It is also

possible to have a barbeque with a view at Crocodile River.  It is allowed to use these

facilities, no admittance fee is required.


The park has a gas station and two places where you can buy groceries, these places are

called: The Bush Center and Trading  Post.  In the Bush Center you will find a  small

supermarket and a shop where you can buy liquor. The Bush Center has also a bar/restaurant called; Watergat/ an

ATM/laundry  and a butcher where you can buy your meat and other stuff for the barbeque (at this store you can also buy

wood (for your camp fire). There is also a place where you can buy internet time.


bush centerMarloth Park has also her own private game park, called : Lionspruit. They have 4 of the

big five at this private park, only no Elephants. This park can be visited by a standard

car,  but take care again bumpy dirty roads!


Golfers pay attention !! Around Marloth you have some very nice and adventurous golf

courses, where you can have the time of your life playing nice golf as long as you keep 

screaming  ‘fore’ as the wild animals will be on and beside the fairways. So be sure you

hit your golf ball straight!