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The Villa

villaKhamkirri is a standalone villa, build African style (a real bush house) with a


traditional thatched roof. It consists of two buildings which are situated on


2000 sq meter land. From the porch at the front of the house you will have a


view on Kruger National Park and the Crocodile River.






The gate of Kruger is situated approx. 150 meter from the villa. At sunrise or


sunset you can view all the wild of Kruger Park as they come for a drink at


Crocodile River. The land at the front of the house is parkland, here the animals


walk around freely (no fence), which means they can also come close to the


house and you can have a close encounter with zebra, kudu or even a giraffe!


So enjoy nature from sitting at the portch or in the nice splash pool and have a


great time!


binnen                The villa consist of a large living room and a modern kitchen


                complete equipped with e.g. a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher,


                microwave, coffee machine, water cooker and toaster.








woonkamerThe living room is also equipped with a television with a dvd player,


though you will probably not use it that much as it is great to enjoy nature


outside at the porch. The living room and kitchen have fans.







verandaThe porch is situated at the front of the villa and connected to the living room.


This is the nicest spot of the house were one can enjoy the wild life. It is


provided with chairs and a table where you can sit and relax.







verandaIs it getting to warm at the porch? enjoy the splash pool. The splash pool is


situated at the porch. What is nicer than sitting in a nice splash pool with a


nice drink enjoying nature?








 master slaapkamer            The master bedroom is situated at the ground floor and has an


          ensuite bathroom with a separate shower, bath, two sinks and a toilet.


          All in real African style.


          The bedroom has a large closet, air-conditioning and a fan.






badWould you like to have a shower outside? This is also possible, the master


bedroom has a lovely rain shower ensuite. When you can have a shower


outside in the wild!





slaapkamerThe first floor has a vide and a large bedroom which has also an ensuite


bathroom. The bathroom consists of a shower, bath, sink and toilet. The


bedroom is also equipped with air-conditioning and a fan.







lounge                   At the first floor the villa has also a large vide and porch. At the vide


                   we have created a nice corner where you can relax and read.










veranda bovenThe porch at the first floor is also equipped with two chairs and a table, from


this porch you have also a nice view at the Kruger National Park and the


Crocodile River with all the wildlife.








etenBesides all the comfort inside the villa, the outside is also quite comfortable!


There is a special part at the garden (just besides the veranda) where one can


enjoy breakfast/lunch or dinner. This part is surrounded by an enclosure so you


can enjoy without having a zebra looking over your shoulder.




braaiEspecially for people who love outside cooking, there is a special part of the


garden with an enclosure which has an outside kitchen (equipped with a


sink)/barbeque and a place where you can have a camp fire. You can sit with


friends or family at the designed concrete wall, cooking and having a barbeque


outside at the bush, what an experience!






               The second building is situated at the left corner behind the villa


                (main building). This building has a double garage and a laundry at


                the ground floor. The laundry is equipped with all the necessary


                equipment such as a washing machine, dryer and iron facility.






badkamerAt the first floor there are two bedrooms. Each bedroom has an ensuite


bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. These bedrooms are also equipped


with air-conditioning and fans.











zitAlso this first floor has a small part were one can sit inside and a small porch.


The inside part has a small kitchen and a refrigerator.



Of course also this floor has and outside rain shower, a real beauty in


African style!